We get a lot of different questions here at the cinema. Here is our attempt to answer some of them for you! If you have a question you’d like to see added, please comment and we’ll consider adding it!

Why did ticket prices go up?

North Carolina introduced a higher entertainment tax in 2014. It was a large, substantial increase that not only affected movie theaters in NC, but you will also see price increases at sporting events, concerts, museums and any sort of entertainment venue. We absorb costs when we can, but were unable to absorb the increased tax price. We make very little profit on tickets in the first place as most of the money is either taxed or goes back to Hollywood. (Otherwise, why would they make movies?)

“I’m 15 minutes late? Well, that’s just previews, right?”

We only put 5 minutes of previews and ads on our movies. Our ticket people are good at informing you if it is past showtime, but that is not their job. We publicize our times on the big LED screen in front of the theater, on our movie hotline at (252) 438-9060 and here on our website. If you are late, you will not be allowed to watch the beginning at the next show unless you purchase another ticket. 

Is this movie in 3D?

If it does not say 3D, it is not in 3D. Currently, we have ended our contract for 3D. Many customers complain about the higher price (which was needed to cover the cost of the equipment) and the way our movie schedule software for our website works, it pulls information for movies directly from a movie database. Sometimes, it populates information that can be misleading. We apologize for the times that happens, but we do our best to combat it as possible.

Why do you charge the same for children as for adults?

Before 6:00 pm, all customers (ages 3 and up) get in for the same MATINEE price. While some people may feel the price is high, we encourage you to go look around Raleigh and farther north. We assure you that we are still one of the best deals for your dollar for first-run movies.

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