Special Show Guidelines

Special Show Guidelines

Do you have a group you want to bring to see a movie? We can help make that happen!

If you want to bring your group during normal show times when the theater is open to the public, the group must have 15 people or more.

> Evening Prices are $9.00 for Adults and $7.00 for Children and Seniors

> Matinee Prices are $7.00 for everyone

If you want to bring your group during the day when the theater is normally closed, we require a minimum of 50 patrons.

> For groups of 50-99, the price is $7.00 per person

> For groups of 100 or more, the price is $6.50 per person.


Birthday Specials!

Adults $9.00

Child $7.00

Matinee $7.00


For all special shows, we have a concession special of a small popcorn and small drink for $6.00.

Please call (252) 432-2305 for more information about our special shows!