MarketPlace Shopping Center. 907 Beckford Drive, Henderson, NC, 27536

Avengers: Age of Ultron  (N/A)

Hot Pursuit  (N/A)

Mad Max: Fury Road  (N/A)

Pitch Perfect 2  (N/A)

Poltergeist  (N/A)

Tomorrowland  (N/A)

Please note that due to the holiday weekend, Marketplace Cinema will have extended HOLIDAY hours this weekend. Do you have movies you need to catch up on? Catch up this weekend!

FRIDAY, MAY 22 Open at 4:30 pm and Close at 10:00 pm
SATURDAY, MAY 23 Open at 12:30 pm and Close at 10:00 pm
SUNDAY, MAY 24 Open at 12:30 pm and Close at 10:00 pm
MONDAY, MAY 25 Open at 12:30 pm and Close at 8:00 pm
TUESDAY, MAY 26 Back to opening at 4:30 pm and closing at 8:00 pm

We’ll see you at the movies!


Summer Kiddie Matinee is coming soon!

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Max (N/A)

Magic Mike XXL (N/A)

Jurassic World (N/A)

Minions (N/A)

Spy (N/A)

Insidious Chapter 3 (N/A)

Terminator Genisys (N/A)

Ted 2 (N/A)

Ant-Man (N/A)

Pitch Perfect 2 (N/A)

Mad Max: Fury Road (N/A)

Entourage (N/A)

Poltergeist (N/A)

San Andreas (N/A)

Inside Out (N/A)